Trucking: Hero or villain in today’s pop culture

Photo: C.J. Ruxton Photography Cristina Commendatore, Fleet Owner / Marc Springer tried to promote a positive image of the trucking industry while starring on A&E’s Shipping Wars.  /   Remember when movies like Smokey and the Bandit and Convoy were at the height of pop culture back in the ’70s? Truck drivers were depicted as road… Read More

Driverless trucks: Where they’ll work, where they won’t

by Sean Kilcarr, Executive Editor, Fleet Owner  /  Only in certain segments of the trucking industry will autonomous vehicle technology find a good fit, some argue.  / The mistake many make when predicting adoption rates for autonomous vehicle (AV) technology in the freight business is that trucking is not a “homogenous” industry, stressed Richard “Dick”… Read More

Can trucking prosper in a free shipping-minded world?

by Sean Kilcarr in Trucks at Work, Fleet Owner Magazine  / The demand for free shipping, especially for e-commerce goods, seems to be placing greater and greater stress on last-mile delivery networks. That was one of the major findings from the 27th annual State of Logistics report, released last month: that “gaps” in infrastructure and “accelerating… Read More