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People and businesses use uShip because it’s easy and affordable to price, book, and ship everything from cars to cranes, freight to furniture, and households to horses—whether it’s going local or long distance.


Our shipping marketplace helps you connect with trusted, feedback-rated service providers of all kinds—large companies, small fleets, single-truck owners and even roadtrippers—that compete for your business and offer extra cargo space at a discount.

Many great companies started in a garage. uShip started in the back of a rent-a-truck. In 2001, Matt Chasen and his then fiancé, Heather, were moving from Seattle to Austin. The 9 ft. van Matt ordered was sold out, leaving them with an enormous 20 ft. truck.


Along that 2,500-mile drive, Matt remembered the large family heirloom armoire he’d tried–and failed–to ship a year earlier due to the astronomic shipping cost. That’s when he had his lightbulb moment that he’d become intent on solving: creating a way online to efficiently connect people’s large shipments with empty truck space so both parties win.


Matt would go on to make this his focus at business school, where he met fellow students Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap. The trio honed the idea, and in 2004, they launched


uShip is based in Austin, Texas.

Every 30 seconds a new shipment is listed on uShip worldwide.

6.1M Shipping
41,000 Active Service
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What Our Customers Say

uShip is a business built on trust. We’ve helped millions of people discover quality, affordable transport when it seemed all hope was lost. Check out what some have to say.

“Great experience. My carrier communicated with me throughout the entire transaction.”


-Scott J.
Honda Ruckus Motorcycle

“Excellent and super fast service. Great communication, and I highly recommend.”


-Harriet G.
Vintage Telephone Booth