Investors Push a Paperless Trucking Future

Aaron Crowe, Writer,  /  Finding a truck to haul something across the country isn’t as easy as hailing a taxi or ride-share service, but it may be getting closer as peer-to-peer trucking apps start to gain traction in the industry. These on-demand freight services are used by less than 5 percent of U.S. trucking lines,… Read More

Opinion: Will the Sharing Economy Disrupt Trucking, Transportation and Logistics?

by Dick Metzler, Chief Marketing Officer, uShip  /  One in a series of periodic guest columns by industry thought leaders.  / If you have ever purchased something on eBay, hailed a ride from Uber or vacationed in Airbnb lodging, you’ve participated in the sharing economy. The commonality with these on-demand companies is that customers transact… Read More