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AUSTIN, Texas – October 29, 2019 – uShip has teamed up with Etsy, the creative marketplace for artists and sellers across the globe, to offer its shop owners a powerful, turnkey solution for shipping large and bulky items to ultimately increase sales.

When it comes to selling furniture and other large items on Etsy, traditional shipping options typically aren’t cost- or time-efficient for small shop owners.  They can’t get volume rates, and most freight carriers expect sellers to pack and crate items before pickup, adding as much as $60 per shipment according to one Etsy shop owner. Parcel carriers, on the other hand, simply aren’t equipped to handle oversized items, often resulting in exorbitant and unpredictable rates.


With uShip, Etsy sellers get blanket-wrapped, room-of-choice delivery and full tracking for buyers and sellers. Sellers also enjoy instant shipping price estimates; totally transparent rates; affordable, high-quality insurance; fewer handoffs per shipment; and an account credit on every completed uShip transaction.

On top of these premium features, sellers also get a key edge on competitors by choosing their own carriers. Every carrier on uShip has their own profile, which includes helpful information along with reviews and ratings from real past customers. Before booking, users can review each carrier who submits a quote and communicate about the shipment in advance. Our extensive network of experienced, feedback-rated carriers gives you the power to choose the right partner for you on every shipment.

“The emergence of the marketplace economy has opened the doors for retailers micro to macro to sell anything and everything online,” said Kris Lamb, CEO of uShip. “Etsy is a leader in enabling these sellers to build their businesses. However, shipping friction, especially large and bulky items, remains a challenge. We’re thrilled to be a solution for Etsy’s vast group of shop owners.”


Citing insights that suggest shoppers are 20% more likely to purchase an item if it’s offered with free shipping, Etsy recently announced that it would prioritize search results for those sellers who offer free shipping. For large item sellers, offering free shipping might seem impossible. With uShip’s smart pricing calculator, however, sellers can predict and roll in shipping costs to each item, making free shipping a reality.


Brad Stanwick operates a store specializing in English furniture on Etsy. His store, TheParsonsNose, now either offers free shipping on its items, with shipping rolled into prices, or displays a flat, up-front delivery rate right on the item’s listing.

“Using uShip has been better for my bottom line,” Brad says. “I ran the numbers and figured out that I can ship my furniture almost anywhere in the country for about $250 to $300 through uShip. So, I took a leap.”

Read Brad’s full story, “Etsy Seller Takes ‘Leap’ into Free Shipping.”

Etsy shop owners can check out your dashboard for how to get access to the special shipping deal offered through the uShip-Etsy partnership.