All Posts and Team up to Facilitate Horse Buying and Transport and have teamed up to make it easier and more affordable for horse enthusiasts, breeders, trainers and other equine-related businesses to find affordable and reliable horse transportation services. Individuals and businesses using sites can instantly obtain a cost estimate for transporting a horse they are considering for purchase, based on the ZIP codes of the buyer and seller. Once a purchase is made, information about the horse is transferred seamlessly from to to create a free listing and solicit bids from the site’s extensive network of specialized horse haulers. Registered transportation pros on the site bid against each other to win the job, helping to drive down the price for transport customers. is the leading online marketplace for shipping services, helping to match consumers and businesses with something to ship with service providers specializing in the relevant type of transport. is the world’s largest horse marketplace, with more than 50,000 active listings for horses, trailers and related items. The horse industry directly produces $25.3 billion in goods and services and has a total impact of more than $112.1 billion on the U.S. gross domestic product.

“The partnership between and gives our service providers access to new customers who have an immediate need for horse transport services. This is a big boost to our livestock transport category,” said Matt Chasen, CEO of In addition to livestock, offers its shipping matching service in a variety of other categories, including freight, household goods, vehicles, boats, motorcycles and heavy equipment.

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The transportation price estimator is found on listings throughout’s network of sites, including American Quarter Horse Association, United States Equestrian Federation and Horse transportation requires a high degree of expertise and special care.’s rating system presents unbiased feedback from actual horse owners for the haulers on the site, so transport customers can made an informed decision about who they select for their hauling needs.