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Website Aims to Turn “White Van Man” Green – (UK)

“White van man” is the target for a new website that aims to help small and medium-sized transport businesses move towards sustainable best practices.

The Green Transport Network, launched today by online transport marketplace uShip, promises to reduce the 14 per cent of UK transport emissions that result from the country’s 3.24 million-strong van fleet.

Vans now outnumber HGVs by eight to one on British roads following a 38 per cent increase in the number of vans since 2001 and, according to figures from Defra, the UK’s expanding van fleet accounts for 17 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

The new site aims to help companies operating vans to measure their carbon output using a carbon calculator, while also providing eco-driving tips to help companies save money and cut their emissions, as well as offering advice on how to offset unavoidable carbon emissions.

“With one in every three van miles being used for the collection and delivery of goods, vans make a significant contribution to the UK’s economic activity,” said Greg Archer, managing director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. “Reducing empty running, along with the use of low carbon vehicles and fuels will help reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions.”

uShip said the launch of the new site was in response to a “lack of clear information” on eco-driving and “inconsistent and unclear methodologies for calculating CO2” from vehicles, which made it difficult for delivery drivers to take action and reap the reputational and cost benefits of going green.

One firm already pioneering greener delivery techniques is Preston-based DPS Transport, which has started running its vans on biodiesel, cutting emissions in half as a result.

“I see customers trying to be more eco friendly and showing that my business is taking steps to reduce my environmental impact helps me win more customers and earn repeat business,” said chief executive David Sergeant.

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