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uShip Gets It Moving With Bidding – ProgrammableWeb

Naming itself the eBay of the shipping world, uShip brings the bidding process to the transport marketplace.  Need to move a boat?  Champion horses?  Tractor?  Everything in your house?  Put the job up for bidding and let the transport companies come to you.  All transport companies have detailed profiles that show you just who you’ll be dealing with.  For example, these guys would like to help move your motorcycle.

The company seems to be tentatively putting its toe in the API water with the uShip API, since you have to agree to terms of service and submit a request in order to get their documentation and the API key.  Another approach would be to attract developers with public documentation and even an API implementation, which is what most serious API players offer.  uShip does say on its website that it is focusing on small steps toward its vision, and so we have to give ‘em credit for at least giving APIs a try.

uShip joins FedEx API and UPS API as one of 13 shipping APIs in our directory.