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uShip App Helps Truckers Discover New Business –

With nearly 6 out of 10 truckers relying on mobile phones and wireless service to grow their businesses, uShip’s app for iPhone and Android smartphones can help them discover new business while on the road.

Based on a transporter’s GPS location, active shipments nearby are displayed on screen. Using the touch screen app, carriers can either place a bid directly through their phones or initiate questions to shippers before bidding. The free uShip app is downloadable directly from within the phone or the phone provider’s online app store.

Along with the uShip app for iPhone and Android smartphones, uShip offers mobile services for “regular” cell phones as well. To serve that segment of audience, uShip offers a variety of other mobile services, including the mobile uShip website, phone and text alerts, and uShip Tracking that allows carriers to post Facebook-like status updates so customers can check the status of their delivery.

“Launching the latest uShip app on iPhone and Android smartphones in the U.S. is just the tip of the iceberg in our mobile strategy. As a global company that’s localized in 10 countries and regions, we see this as a platform that could touch a quarter of our business over the next few years,” said Matt Chasen, CEO and founder of

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