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Shipping Wars UK boosts eBay uShip shipments

The latest series of Shipping Wars UK ran in February and has seen an explosion of buyers picking up unusual auction wins on eBay and then turning to carriers like (Tag line: “Get Ship Done”) to get them delivered.

The programme follows a group of delivery trucks and vans as they criss-cross Britain, competing to collect and drop off some of the most gob-smacking goods for UK’s online-buying generation.

Some loads seen on the show include two giant Gruffalo sculptures, 300,000 live bees, a vintage military Landrover, a 20-foot sailboat, and three priceless London-bound racing cars. Shipping Wars UK features shipments listed on various delivery websites including uShip.

The issue of transporting unruly loads isn’t just isolated to the UK. In the U.S., where Shipping Wars originated in 2012, each episode is watched by millions of viewers. uShip serves as the source of featured U.S. shipments, including a giant 5-star doomsday bunker, the world’s largest water pipe bong, life-size Simpsons characters and a 40-foot plaster colon.

Working from home I got hooked on watching the daytime series, especially the episode with the precocious kid who upon delivery of his model railway layout and told “What we want is a five star rating” told the gobsmacked couriers “What you’ll get is four star feedback” and refused to budge on his decision. It reminds me of incalcitrant eBay buyers determined to give four star DSRs and thinking they’ve done the seller a favour!

It’s interesting to watch the program and check out the uShip site at the same time and Jack Aldridge, country manager for uShip UK agrees saying “We definitely see the two-screen phenomenon going on here. Viewers actively searching or registering on uShip through their smartphones or tablets while watching the program. Clearly the notion of shipping enormous and eccentric purchases catches their attention and we’re seeing that given the spike in transporter registrations, shipments and connections, or matches, on our site.”

It’s not just eBay buyers looking for ways to get large purchases shipped either, transporters are also watching and registering on uShip looking for additional loads. uShip shared some figures with us comparing February data with January before the series aired:


eBay, recognizing the need to provide its customers with a larger-than-parcel transport solution, signed on uShip as its official global shipping partner for large goods in 2014. This includes vehicles, motorcycles, powersports, and boats, with categories more coming online, as well as integration into global eBay properties, including the UK.

As many as three million larger-than-parcel items are sold on eBay each year. Since 2004, uShip has facilitated shipping for eBay purchases valued at nearly ₤600M.

If you’re interested in getting a load shipped around the country, uShip have just relaunched their home page and some sections of our site to be able to let shipping customers and online buyers can get a free price estimate WITHOUT listing a shipment.

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