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Pies for sale? If only they were Pukka Pies says Biglorryblog….but thanks to Dean for this! –

Dean Jutilla hs e-mailed me to say that “Biglorryblog readers may have interest in this: an eBay listing of over 1M fruit pies – estimated to be about 130 pallets worth of goods – is getting some genuine interest.  As of a few minutes ago, nearly 150 bids had been placed with a top bid over £100,000.  The auction has eight days remaining.” Dean continues: “Your readers may even want a shot at this transport job by bidding on it – assuming it gets posted on uShip, a U.S.-based online shipping marketplace that just enhanced its service in the UK.  If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Dean.” And in case you’re wondering Dean is director of marketing communications at uship and you can reach him on [email protected]

Meanhile, BLB replies one million fruit pies sounds attractive but I’m holding out for one million Pukka Pies! Then you’d be talking something! And meaty…? I’m starting to salivate now!  As the good folk at Pukka say: For the piefectionist! (Guilty as charged) STOP PRESS Click through here for an update as of 7:00am this morning!

Dean says: “It’s up to 216 bidders and over £500,000 now.
Incidentally, if you are at all interested in how uShip works, here’s a quick demo on YouTube:”

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