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Oversized Goods Delivery Remains a Pain Point

Anne Flynn Wear, Furniture Today, August 9, 2018 / Retailers can improve the delivery process to positively impact their bottom line. 

Logistics technology company uShip released a report focused on consumer expectations and frustrations with delivery of oversized shipments, such as furniture.

Realities in Oversized E-Commerce Delivery in the Amazon Era, released today also looked at where retailers can improve the delivery process to positively impact their bottom line.

The study found customer frustration primarily comes from a poor shipping experience that upends their daily routine. For example, of those who made oversized purchases within the past year:

  • Nearly one in six (16%) had to immediately figure out how to transport an oversized item themselves.
  • More than one in seven (15%) reported missing work while waiting for a delivery.
  • One in nine (11%) felt like they wasted a whole day trying to track down a purchase.
  • And, one in nine (11%) had a ‘fight’ with customer service during the delivery process.

The research, conducted online by research firm YouGov, shows that the last mile has never been more important to the customer experience and that oversized shipping remains a particular pain point for many consumers.

According to the report, one in seven consumers (14%) avoided shopping with a brand or retailer because of a bad delivery experience. Moreover, 24% said a lack of confidence that their oversized item would arrive safely would prevent them from making a future purchase.

Meanwhile eMarketer reports that 34% of Americans are more likely to purchase an oversized item online than they were five years ago, and new studies show that buyers are more comfortable making large purchases online sight unseen and that Millennials would rather purchase new furniture than move it cross country.

Perhaps the most important aspect for consumers purchasing oversized items in the past year is the time and convenience of delivery. Consumers are looking for improvements such as proactive updates, ‘white glove’ service, being able to choose their own delivery company and having more specific delivery time slots.

“With major players like Amazon, UPS and FedEx struggling to provide a quality oversized delivery service for e-commerce sellers and retailers, it’s easy to understand why consumers are frustrated with their delivery experiences,” said Van Leigh, uShip senior vice president of digital marketing. “Implementing new technology and partnerships can greatly improve everything from delivery cost and time, to the customer experience, resulting in great customer loyalty and increased revenue.”

YouGov polled 1,070 adults, of which 228 have purchased an oversized item online in the past year, in June.

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