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New eBay Site Offers Delivery Alternatives –

eBay Advertising has launched a Delivery Services Hub, a central point within eBay for shipping, courier and delivery companies to showcase their services to buyers and sellers of the 20 million items purchased on eBay every year.

The eBay Delivery Services Hub – available at -provides a single destination where shipping carriers (including lead sponsor Safestore)   purchase ‘blocks’ of space to showcase their offerings exclusive to eBay users.

Daily deals and special offers will provide customers with the choice of reduced costs and cheaper alternatives for delivery. will promote the Delivery Services Hub with a minimum of 100 million mixed format advertising impressions each month across the homepage, search results pages, category pages and My eBay pages of the eBay network.

This initiative marks the first time the has secured discounts for postage or shipping for its users based on their collective purchasing power, and allows smaller and more specialist shipping companies to promote themselves easily and effectively on the site.

“Every week thousands of eBay buyers purchase cars, furniture, industrial equipment, motorcycles and then ask, ‘How do I get it here?’” comments Matt Chasen, CEO and Founder of uShip. “eBay’s new Shipping Hub gives uShip more direct access to those buyers needing low-cost delivery for larger items and sellers wanting to reach out-of-area customers.”

Phillip Rinn, Director of Advertising Partnerships, UK and EMEA of eBay Advertising, UK said: “On eBay there are 30 million live listings at any given time, and over 200 million items sold a year which need to be shipped. The launch of the Delivery Services Hub is the first real opportunity for shipping companies to advertise their services to prospective customers, and for us to deliver a choice of shipping options to our customers, enabling them to reap the benefits of reduced delivery costs.”

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