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Interview with uShip CEO Matt Chasen – TechDrawl

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When I first met Matt Chasen at the McCombs School of Business in 2004, uShip was a beta site with a lot of potential.  Today, uShip is probably the world’s biggest marketplaces for shippers – helping people move over $125 million in cars, freight, household goods, and other “hard to ship” items over the last five years.  They’ve been so successful, they are now accelerating an international launch to give people outside the United States more features, not to mention options for that pesky metric system.  uShip is definitely emerging as one of Austin’s startup success stories.  I think you’ll also find a lot of wisdom in the anecdotes and lessons Matt learned along the way.

Below is a two-part interview with Matt, where we first discuss his business in Part I , then cover startup success factors, Austin, and opportunities for the coming year in Part II .