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How to Surprise Your Wife With a Sauna –

Every now and again I come across an eBay story where a sale goes perfectly and that’s just what happened to Lyndon Holman of Devon.

One morning before work Lyndon bid and won a his perfect sauna on eBay but it was 142 miles away in Birmingham. It was also marked “Local Collect Only” but undeterred Lyndon turned to uShip. He had used uShip before and posted an advert for a courier to deliver the sauna.

About 10.30am he had a response from Matthew McCormack of MMC Couriers. Matthew had just completed a delivery in Birmingham and checked his uShip iPhone app and found the sauna delivery job. He bid on the job, had a quick phone conversation with Lyndon and half an hour later was picking up the sauna.

A couple of hours later the sauna was delivered in Devon much to the surprise of Lyndon’s wife – Lyndon left work early but still hadn’t got home to tell her there was a sauna on it’s way!

Oversized or overweight items are almost always a bit of a bargain on eBay, simply because buyers normally restrict themselves to item in their immediate locality. However services like uShip enable buyers to source couriers across the country who will bid against each other to win the job, often snagging the buyer a real bargain on their purchase. The uShip iPhone app enables couriers to check immediately for available deliveries close to where their last job finishes. (There is also a uShip app for Palm and Android.)

I’m still amazed that an item the size of the sauna could be purchased at breakfast time and delivered in time for afternoon tea by a same day courier at a reasonable cost – but not nearly as amazed as Lyndon’s wife was when it turned up on her doorstep.

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