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Hot Shot Trucking is Changing the Face of Logistics

by OGG Equipment LLC  /  The term ‘hotshot trucking‘ is a relatively new one to catch on in the wider world of shipping and logistics but the concept has been around for a while. Most accounts put the birth of hot shot hauling in the early days of oil exploration in Texas. When you’re running a massive industrial operation, something as simple as a missing pipe or delayed equipment could put the brakes on the whole project and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In order to keep things moving, hot shot truckers would remain on call in case the operation required a quick run into town for supplies or a speedy transport of pipe from one job site to another. Nowadays the applications are similar, just spanning many more industries and business sectors.

Lightning Fast Hauling Solutions

The main benefit of hot shot trucking as it is known today is the quick turn-around time for completing a run. Our trucks cater to businesses and individuals that don’t have time to wait on a large trucking infrastructure to slot them into the logistics schedule.  They need something picked up and delivered as quickly as possible, often with very little notice.  That’s where an operation like Ogg Trucking really shines. We’re always available with an on-call fleet of trucks that can be there within hours, depending on your pickup location.

We proudly service all major industries, including manufacturing, energy, automotive, materials & supplies, natural resources, government, and individuals with time-sensitive shipments.

Hot Shot Trucking is only going to become more prominent and important in the world of over-the-road logistics transportation. As more and more drivers become independent hot shot haulers and specialized brokerages spring up around the country, the trucking industry will be radically transformed. Peer-to-Peer solutions like Uber and uShip are just the beginning of a world where you, the consumer, are in direct contact with the driver and carrier handling your LTL freight.

Logistics Companies with Integrity

With such a saturated market of affordable hot shot trucking companies, it all comes down to finding someone that you trust and respect to handle your freight logistics. Our focus is on the customer experience and our impeccable record of satisfied clients and completed runs.

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