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Ship Shape

Sam Sigholz, Sales Associate, uShip

Career history: Nearly eight years at Hoover’s Inc.

Current responsibilities: Helping to build a B2B sales team to expand uShip’s domestic and international operations.

About uShip: Founded in 2004, uShip connects people looking to ship unusual freight – motorcycles, golf clubs, pianos, etc. – with transport companies that place competing bids to win a customer’s business.

Company stats: uShip has helped broker more than $140 million in shipping contracts and currently has more than one million site list-ings. Profits earned in 2009 were between $5 million and $7 million, double the previous year’s earnings.

On uShip’s shipping list: Stephen Col-bert’s desk, from The Colbert Report and auc-tioned for charity on eBay for $14,800, to be shipped from New York City to Lawrence, KS, via uShip’s own charitable delivery program, Highway to Help.

How Sigholz got hired: “I read an article about uShip in our local paper and became very interested in it. For a year [the company and I] ex-changed emails about establishing a sales team.”

Why he made the switch: “I really like the challenge of something new and to look back and say I was responsible for the growth of a team. When I started at Hoover’s, we had fewer than twenty salespeople. When I left, we had about two hundred reps. At some point, [working with Hoover’s] got too comfortable. I was ready for a new challenge.”

Selling challenge: “It’s a challenge to get our mostly blue-collar transporters to think about going online and using a com-puter. One big area of our sales is heavy equipment, like cranes, and so many of those people are used to being wined and dined by a sole service provider.”

Selling benefits: “Once people hear about our service and start to use it, they love it.”

Company culture: “It’s a great, start-up atmosphere. We have a chef who prepares healthy meals and snacks, and every first Friday of the month we go out or do a team-builder, like paintball, as a company. We’ll also do volunteer work, like with Habitat for Humanity. And I’ve actually been assigned a mentor by one of the senior leaders to guide my profes-sional development. I’m extreme-ly excited to be here.”

Future career plans: “If we’re successful getting this two-man [sales] team going, then ideally we’ll hire some more reps, and hopefully I can take the next step to manager and progress from there. There’s lots of opportunity for growth.”Check out uShip’s blog, “Ship Happens,” at



See the article in Selling Power Magazine (May/June Issue, pg. 10)