Barely legal: 5 hot imports you can finally drive on American roads in 2018

By Jeff Zurschmeide, Staff Reporter, Digital Trends  /  It’s a well-known fact that many of the hottest exotic cars in the world aren’t sold in the United States. The reason is simple: our government won’t allow any automaker to sell cars here unless they pass the Department of Transportation crash tests. That means sacrificing several cars to… Read More

Digitization and E-commerce Continues to Reshape Forwarding Marketplace

Patrick Burnson, Executive Editor, Supply Chain Management Review and Logistics Management  /  Forwarders now need to ramp up the value-add visibility services in an effort to boost revenues and keep shippers happy.  / Real revenue and volume growth in the air and sea freight forwarding markets was remarkably similar globally, but this disguises significant differences across… Read More

5 Affordable Tiny Homes For the Perfect Cross-Country Road Trip

Amber C. Snider, Home & Design Editor, The Culture Trip  /  This Oregon-based company is capitalizing on the “tiny homes” movement in a big way—and their mobile rustic creations are not only adorable, they’re also pretty affordable too.  / This Oregon-based company is capitalizing on the “tiny homes” movement in a big way—and their mobile rustic… Read More

uShip Unveils Bright, Inviting New Corporate Headquarters

By Laura Lorek, Publisher, Silicon Hills News  /  Heather Hoover, executive vice president of operations at uShip, joined the company in 2005, a year after its founding. At the time, uShip, the online shipping marketplace and freight automation software provider, didn’t have a formal office. Nick Parker, chief technology officer at uShip, and the founders worked… Read More

Investors Push a Paperless Trucking Future

Aaron Crowe, Writer,  /  Finding a truck to haul something across the country isn’t as easy as hailing a taxi or ride-share service, but it may be getting closer as peer-to-peer trucking apps start to gain traction in the industry. These on-demand freight services are used by less than 5 percent of U.S. trucking lines,… Read More

How Disruptive Will Uber Freight be for Trucking?

By Deborah Lockridge, Editor-in-Chief, Duty Trucking  /  Three other freight-matching companies share their views on the market.  /  Uber Freight, an app matching owner-operators and small fleets with loads to haul, launched with much fanfare recently. Yet the use of computer technology to match up freight with trucks that can haul it is hardly new. There are in… Read More